Administration Orientation-Module 1-Communication

Ruddy Ancheta
over 2 years agoSeptember 29, 2015
Thanks so much.  This is really very helpful
Maureen Morin
about 2 years agoMarch 5, 2016
Great job!  Very helpful !
Rick Stockman
about 2 years agoMarch 17, 2016
Great tool and information.
Roger Bodenstab
almost 2 years agoJuly 14, 2016
Great information. While the Church has not been a good steward of Church Discipline, it is important to note the legal standing it does have in our government. The Church should understand the freedom to practice Church Discipline and practice the biblical principle, "Mercy triumphs over judgment" as a foundation guide.
almost 2 years agoJuly 30, 2016

Jason Maloney
over 1 year agoFebruary 3, 2017
Ric, very informative and the Charitable Contributions portion was very helpful for this season of ministry. 

Question: How would one support funding a future work and still have deduction rights with regards to their giving. Would an "other" tab on church websites giving page be sufficient? Would having personal names listed be an issue, i.e. Jane Smith?
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